"I never thought my body could be free of the burdens of stress and tension. It is an incredible feeling to experience my true being. Even more incredible is that I have learned the tools to reveal the Self whenever I choose. My yoga and meditation practice has become an integral part of my well-being. Thank you Svaroopa® Yoga!" ~ Wendy, Northboro, MA

"My first yoga class was in 2001 and I started because I wanted to release the tension in my back and neck, but I've received so much more. Since I have been doing yoga I have been sleeping better, I no longer get bronchitis every fall, my hay fever is gone and it has helped with my digestion. I am now more flexible, stronger, and I feel more centered and at peace. I have been suffering with neck pain. By doing Yoga therapy and Embodyment® Yoga Therapy over the last three months my neck pain is almost completely gone. I'm very grateful to have found Yoga and only wish I had found it sooner." ~ Laurie, Hudson, MA

"Marlborough Yoga, Svaroopa® Yoga and studying with my teacher are three of the most wonderful parts of my life. I have been taking classes for over five years now and my teacher is knowledgeable, gentle and incredibly supportive of me and all of her students. She teaches to the individual while running a cohesive and relaxing class. My awareness of body and mind has grown tremendously. My level of tension and pain all but vanish when I am practicing my poses, breathing and meditation...all in the Svaroopa style!" ~ Pam, Wayland, MA

Please feel free to share what you think, feel and experience from classes at Marlborough Yoga. We would like to hear not only about our teachers but Svaroopa® Yoga itself and how it has changed your health, perspective and life as a whole. Please fill out the form below and your comments will be reviewed to post on our web site. Enjoy some thoughts from others below.

~ Namasté