As a new student you are welcome to drop in to a beginner class to be sure this is the right style for you and before committing to a session.  Committing to a weekly yoga practice will afford you more reliable change and a deepening of your yoga practice in both your body and your mind.

Dress comfortably in nonrestrictive clothes, in layers if desired. For comfort, eat lightly if at all before class.  For the consideration of others, please do not wear perfume, aftershave or fragrant lotions. We supply blankets, knee pads, blocks and other tools for class. Bring yourself!

Session fees vary depending on the number of weeks included.  If attending 2 or more adult classes within a session, a 10% discount is offered.  Cost per class is slightly higher for drop-ins than for an entire session.

Class length                     Cost per class within a session              Cost per class for individual drop-ins

1 hr. 30 min.                     $19.00                                                        $23.00

Students may join classes with available space at any time; fees will be pro-rated.  Those observing religious holidays may pro-rate the course fee or make up the class. Make-ups for missed classes are available within the session.  Please try to call first to make sure there is available space.  You may reserve your space with a $25 deposit, or pay in full.

We accept cash or checks. 

Gift certificates are available for any amount at all times.  Ask your teacher or get more information by emailing Nirooshi or calling 508.887.5495

Class cancellations and weather emergencies will be posted on the web site home page and or by calling 508.887.5495